National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-8255 / 1-800-273-TALK you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime day or night.

Hubby here. Let me assure there will be many unexpected consciences for those that love you. You probably fell alone in the world right now. You are not. Please reach out to anyone that you can or call 1-800-273-8255.

Because of my wife's suicide a part of my heart and soul is gone forever. Don't take more of it with your own departure.

Every choice we make in life changes our future and future of those around us. Our choices ripples through 'reality' to affect people that we will never know, in ways that we can not imagine at the moment of our choice.

In Karen's confused mind, she said “I'm not thinking clearly” on her last day, due to pain and prescription medications, she made a choice (the wrong one), that has caused many ripple effects.

A month or so after Karen died the vet said that Garth (our dog) was depressed from being at home alone so long each day (A complaint that Karen had, and I did not listen), he had lost his pack, and that was why his hair was falling out in large clumps.

Thankfully my employer lets me take Garth to work with me, which got him over his depression for the most part. Can't say I always enjoy that but for the most part Garth just lays on the blanket by my feet and sleeps. Until he hears the Microwave door open, not all that close to us. How does a deaf dog hear that?

Today, eight months later, I'm walking Garth at lunch time.

He picks something out of the weeds along the road, and starts to munch on it.

I take the thing from his mouth and look at it.

Pondering this mangled thing, that Garth thought he could eat, I'm puzzled by what it is?

Looks like a fish head. Why would there be a fish head here? There is no water around here.

I realize it was mangled by the lawnmower.

Karen, please explain to me why I'm standing here along this dusty road holding a dead snake in my hand because of a choice you made eight months ago?

Never choose Karen's way out, you can not possibly foresee the ripple effects your choice would make…

If you are someone left behind there are resources for you here.

I create controversy every time I bring up this book, Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife [order via image below if you can not get from your local library]. It is my hope that it will lead you away from thoughts of suicide and toward thoughts of help:

This provocative study explores what happens to those who commit suicide. Drawing on communications from the spirits of more than 100 'successful' suicides, it offers an intriguing look at what the dead themselves say about suicide, its repercussions, and their experiences in the afterlife. Bringing together the channeled messages of three types of suicide—traditional suicide, assisted suicide, and the suicide mass murder adopted by terrorists—the book covers a wide range of topics, including why people commit suicide, what it is like to cross over, adjustment problems, what suicides would say to those left behind, and what they would tell others thinking of taking their own lives. [They say it was a bad idea.] Additionally, the book conveys powerful messages from suicide bombers, warning potential terrorists of the serious karmic consequences that await them. For anyone contemplating suicide or euthanasia, the book offers profound, sometimes unsettling, insight into the ramifications of these acts.

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