Happy 49th Birthday Karen

By Shelly Godwin for Karen on what would have been her 44th birthday today [in 2013]:

“I wish you were here today Even for just a little while So I could say happy birthday and see you bealful smile

The only gifts today will be The gifts you left behind The laughter, joy and happiness Precious memories… the best kind.

Today I'll do my very best To try and find a happy place.. Struggling to hide my heavy heart And the tears on my face

I'll set quietly and look at your picture Thinking of you with love I hope you're doing OK In heaven up above. May the angeis hoid you close And sing you a happy song…

And I'll sending wishes to you Today and all year long

Happy birthday.”

2018/09/03 14:46 · bpaddock

When Pain is Relentless

To understand how we got to this point, please read: When Pain is Relentless by Andrea J. Buchanan.

I can't make it through it without crying. :-(

2018/06/30 00:55 · bpaddock

Pain is not the fifth vital sign how wrong can dr be?

Dr Myles Gart wrote a piece entitled “Pain is not the fifth vital sign” Medical Economics on May 20th, 2017. http://medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com/medical-economics/news/pain-not-fifth-vital-sign

I do not believe Dr Gart has any experiance with Chronic Pain. This is my Letter to the Editor response to Dr Gart:

“… First and foremost, we must bury the claim of pain being the fifth vital sign and replace it with a 21st Century pain assessment tool that incorporates objective evidence and measures of pain. …”

Dr Gart, at this moment are you hungry? In your lifetime have you ever been hungry? Hunger is a type of pain. Did you treat that pain by consuming a substance?

Please correct me if I am wrong. To my knowledge there is no objective test, no simple Pain Meter, that will show me that you are hungry. Yes we could look at enzymes and such. Will that truly tell me just how hungry you are objectively?

If there is no objective test for a pain as simple as hunger, that each of us experience most every day, what hope does a person in Chronic Pain have?

In Ohio the Governor is now practicing medicine by decreeing that there can be no more than seven days of opiate pain medication. Perhaps he should discuss that with the person that was hit by a train and survived with most every bone broken.

My wife Karen died of suicide to stop the pain she experienced for over over 20 years, due to the failure of the Medical Establishment as a whole. THIS IS THE REALITY OF Chronic Pain.

Karen's Journal of CSF Leak Headaches and Chronic Pain: How Intracranial Hypotension and Levaquin (Levofloxacin) Killed Me

is now required reading at Duke School of Medicine to educate future Neurologists about the realities of Chronic Pain.

A local reporter wrote in a Cover Story:

Karen's first-hand account of her illness gave an honest, heart-wrenching depiction of what it is like to live with debilitating pain day-to-day. – http://www.kpaddock.org

May I humbly suggest you read it.

See for FDA links on the antibiotic issue.

In book form it has been edited by a medical doctor that has the same condition has Karen had. When bought through the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation 100% of the royalties go to them, to support them, just in case anyone thinks I'm posting this to promote the book. The earliest draft of the book is found on http://www.kpaddock.com for free.

I do not know what motivated you to write your article. I do know from it that far more time needs to be spent with people in Chronic Pain, to understand the realities of their life.

When a person in Chronic Pain that has been taking opiate pain medication under a competent doctors supervision for ten years, is able to function, take care of their family, hold a job, is without warning told then can not have it any more, “tough luck”. What are they to do? They resort to street drugs and become the very victims this currently policy is trying to prevent.

People in Chronic Pain have typically already tried multiple rounds of physical therapy, bio-feedback, meditation, exercise and the list goes on, with no relief from the pain. What are they to do?

Not having Chronic Pain myself, I will never claim to understand it. I did watch my wife suffer with it for 20+ years. What exactly is the agenda here? None of us such as Advocates like myself nor the sufferers have figured this out yet. Can anyone please explain? To us it appears as an attack on the most vulnerable.

This is one of the many comments I received about your article: “…Chronic problems frustrate doctors and they blame the patient rather than look at themselves. …” or support research to find real solutions to Chronic Pain. No one chooses to live with Chronic Pain each and every moment of their lives.

2018/06/30 00:41 · bpaddock

FDA to remove Imodium from market?

You might want to make a run to the store and pick up some Imodium anti-diarrhea medication before they run out. This has now been caught up in the Anti-Opioid fever sweeping regulators and clueless politicians. Nothing worse than running out when you have the runs…

Some individuals are taking high doses of loperamide to treat symptoms of opioid withdrawal. So now non-abusers get to suffer the consequences because of abusers.

“Safety Announcement [1-30-2018] To foster safe use of the over-the counter (OTC) anti-diarrhea drug loperamide, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working with manufacturers to use blister packs or other single dose packaging and to limit the number of doses in a package. We continue to receive reports of serious heart problems and deaths with much higher than the recommended doses of loperamide, primarily among people who are intentionally misusing or abusing the product, despite the addition of a warning to the medicine label and a previous communication. Loperamide is a safe drug when used as directed.

Loperamide is FDA-approved to help control symptoms of diarrhea, including Travelers’ Diarrhea. The maximum approved daily dose for adults is 8 mg per day for OTC use and 16 mg per day for prescription use. It is sold under the OTC brand name Imodium A-D, as store brands, and as generics. Loperamide acts on opioid receptors in the gut to slow the movement in the intestines and decrease the number of bowel movements. It is safe at approved doses, but when much higher than recommended doses are taken, it can lead to serious problems, including severe heart rhythm problems and death.

Patients and consumers should only take the dose of loperamide directed by your health care professionals or according to the OTC Drug Facts label, as taking more than prescribed or listed on the label can cause severe heart rhythm problems or death. If you are using OTC loperamide and your diarrhea lasts more than 2 days, stop taking the medicine and contact your health care professional.

Seek medical attention immediately by calling 911 if you or someone taking loperamide experiences any of the following, and tell health care professionals the person has been taking loperamide:

• Fainting • Rapid heartbeat or irregular heart rhythm • Unresponsiveness, meaning that you can’t wake the person up or the person doesn’t answer or react normally

Health care professionals should be aware that using much higher than recommended doses of loperamide, either intentionally or unintentionally, can result in serious cardiac adverse events, including QT interval prolongation, Torsades de Pointes or other ventricular arrhythmias, syncope, and cardiac arrest. In cases of abuse, individuals often use other drugs together with loperamide in attempts to increase its absorption and penetration across the blood-brain barrier, inhibit loperamide metabolism, and enhance its euphoric effects.

Some individuals are taking high doses of loperamide to treat symptoms of opioid withdrawal. If loperamide toxicity is suspected, promptly discontinue the drug and start necessary therapy. For some cases of abnormal heart rhythms in which drug treatment is ineffective, electrical pacing or cardioversion may be required.

Also counsel patients to take loperamide only as prescribed or according to the OTC Drug Facts label and advise patients that drug interactions with commonly used medicines may increase the risk of serious cardiac events.

We previously issued a Drug Safety Communication about this safety concern and added warnings about serious heart problems to the drug label of prescription loperamide and to the Drug Facts label of OTC loperamide products. We are continuing to evaluate this safety issue and will update the public when more information is available.”


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Lupus and RA from Nightshades

Karen was diagnosed with Lupus at one point.

Around that time we cleaned up our diets, went organic as much as possible, got the shampoos, soaps, and other chemical based stuff, like Fluoride in the toothpaste, out of the house, and off our bodies, the symptoms for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis went away.

Undiagnosed food sensitivities and allergies, more common that most realize, can cause Lupus/RA like symptoms in some people.

Nightshade plants, that are very common in our diets in many different forms, are particularly prone to mimic the symptoms of Lupus and RA.

http://www.diagnosisdiet.com/nightshades/ https://healingautoimmune.com/list-of-nightshades-foods

Everyone with non-textbook problems should keep a food journal, as symptoms may appear up to four days after you ate the food that you are reacting too.

For cleaning supplies we switched to White Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar for food related items. Switched to Hemp based soaps and shampoos.


2018/02/12 12:50 · bpaddock

Jerry Lewis the latest victim of Fluoroquinolone antibiotics Cipro or Levaquin?

June 17th 2017

Is famed comedian Jerry Lewis the latest victim of Fluoroquinolone antibiotics Cipro or Levaquin?

Does anyone know if the antibiotic was Cipro or Levaquin, that the FDA says should not be used for uncomplicated UTIs? What little that has been reported matches the symptoms of Fluoroquinolone poisoning.

“LAS VEGAS (KSNV NEWS3LV) — Famed comedian Jerry Lewis is in the hospital for a 12th straight day. The 91-year-old legend was admitted June 2 to be treated with antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.

Since then, Lewis has developed other complications, according to people close to the entertainer. It was believed Lewis was on track to be discharged from the hospital over the weekend, but his health worsened late last week.”

Lewis, 91, lives in Las Vegas.




http://www.kpaddock.com/fq has links to the FDA data and related Fluoroquinolone antibiotic issues.

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Give Pain A Voice

“A few days ago, Bob Paddock made the long trek from Pennsylvania to Toronto to be interviewed for our new Doc on Chronic Pain. Hearing first hand about Karen's long and hard fight for appropriate diagnoses and medical care, of a horrificly painful CSF leak- makes me all the more “on fire” to right the wrongs done to us as pain patients and GET OUR STORIES OUT THERE. Thats why I #GivePainAVoice.” - Movie Producer Tina Petrova.






2016/10/17 23:45 · bpaddock

Meeting award wining movie producer Tina Petrova to film Karen's story

I spent Monday Sept. 26 2016 with Tina Petrova, award wining movie producer, filming Karen's story for the documentary movie “Pandemic of Denial ~ The World Health Crises” about Chronic Pain.

At one point even the cameraman was crying as I discussed CSF Leaks and how she was poisoned by Levaquan antibiotics.

The movie will be released in late 2017/2018 time frame.


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Fibromyalgia SLIders

Early tone morning I was listening to Coast to Coast AM when a caller, on Open Lines Friday, said that when he walked under street lights 75% of the time they turned off. This I've heard of many times, what I had not heard of before was what the host said, 'SLIders' in this context. The SLI stands for “Street Lamp Interference.” People that are SLIders report street lamps spontaneously going out when they pass near them.

It also piqued my interest when the guest host, Richard Syrett of Toronto, said it seemed to be associated with people that had Fibromyalgia or had been hit by or near a lightning strike.

SLIders tend to batteries and cause computers to malfunction when they are near them.

Is Fibromyalgia a problem with the bodies energy systems?

Then my intuition kicked in making me wonder if this SLIder energetic phenomenon could be mitigated with Inert Gas treatments?

Inert Gas in this context is ultra pure Inert Noble gas such as Xenon, Helium, Krypton, Argon etc. or their combination in a highly pressurized container, typically brass. [An aside: The ORIGINAL Periodic table had the Group Zero Gasses that were lighter than Hydrogen, may be important here?]


“Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore: A Treatise on the New Science” by Maurice B. Cooke, covers examples of how Inert Gas Devices healed people and is REQUIRED reading for anyone interested in Inert Gas Devices.

One case described in the book, while an Inert Gas device was laying near the bed healing the wife's condition, it also healed the husbands vasectomy leading to an unexpected pregnancy. Oops…

Long before Internet I talked with Jon Fox about the devices he makes, so I know they are the oldest manufacture of such devices: http://www.pegasusproductsshop.com/inert-gas-devices-c-1/

The 'OMNI' is the brass device at nearly a thousand dollars. They do have less expensive necklaces. The question is which combination of gas would work for SLIders or even more importantly Fibromyalgia?

There are others around these days, with even more information on Inert Gas Devices.

Note that the purity of the gas is *IMPORTANT* here, stuff from the local industrial gas supply shop isn't going to work!

How do they work? No one is really sure. Experts that I've talked with in the field don't agree with the Quantum Screening Explanation put forth in the book.


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Researchers measured inflammatory markers in cerebrospinal fluid

“… researchers measured inflammatory markers in cerebrospinal fluid …”


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