Mike Rowe's thoughts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Celebrity Mike Rowe's thoughts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are something I agree with completely. This is what I posted on his Time Line as a response:

Mike thank you for sharing your thoughts and research, I agree completely with them, just did not know how to present them. Now before everyone starts the hate replies, please hear me out.

On August 7th 2013 my wife committed suicide, as she could no longer stand the excruciating headache caused by a Intracranial Hypotension, more commonly known as a Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leaks. A condition that is more common that many think (for example Actor George Clooney had/has a CSF Leak and considered suicide), yet is so unknown that some doctors argue the condition does not even exist.

Karen's CSF Leak came from a head injury. The pain is excoriating. If you do not have the correct among of fluid in the skull for the brain to float around on, things are getting yanked on that were never meant to be yanked on.

People simply do not understand how fragile the head and neck structures truly are. No mater how noble the cause one should not be encouraging things impacting the head and neck structures!

I have no doubt that there have been a few more people added to the ranks of CSF Leakers, whom now have headaches beyond belief and have no idea why, due to having things dumped or dropped on them during the 'challenge'.

Someone did come up with the Blindfolded Brain Freeze Challenge, where you consume something very cold to induce an “Ice Cream Headache”, to show the pain to even a small degree. Alas I do not even support that idea. One should never encourage pain.

Please read Karen's 20+ year struggles to find the cause of her headaches, that turned out to be CSF Leaks. Her story brings everyone to tears. :-( Then you will understand why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a bad idea.


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