Material so black that we can't see it


99.96% Black Paint material so black that we can't see it.

British breakthrough in world’s darkest material launched at Farnborough International Sensitive electro-optical imaging and target-acquisition systems will achieve new levels of range and sensitivity performance.

“That,” he said, “that… is really bad for the eyes.”

It was a ship of classic, simple design, like a flattened salmon, twenty yards long, very clean, very sleek. There was just one remarkable thing about it.

“It's so… black!” said Ford Prefect. “You can hardly make out its shape… light just seems to fall into it!”

The blackness of it was so extreme that it was almost impossible to tell how close you were standing to it.

“Your eyes just slide off it…” said Ford in wonder.“ - Douglas Adams, “Restaurant at the End of the Universe” book two of five of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” trilogy.

BTW, Bob's Big Bang Burger Bar is at the other end of the Universe. See you at Millways!…

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