Hubby here.

Will Karen's voice forever linger in my head? There is little I can do in my life and not 'hear' Karen saying something in my head:

  • “That was not a good us of money.” I bought a new self setting clock that showed the date so I could be sure what day it was. Harder than you might think with all of the unexpected trips out of town, see Karen's Story to understand what was happening.
  • “You have no respect for me”. Several things would make this one come up. I walked to fast for her tendinitis. I did not take my shoes off when I walked across the kitchen floor, from the door to the garbage can on the other side of the kitchen.
  • “Stop wasting food”. I'm having lots of problems with this one right now. Keep buying stuff at farmers market and it goes bad before I use it. Karen always said “I made enough to feed an army” when I cooked.
  • “Don't make crumbs!” Karen was fastidious when it came to cleaning, a crumb anyplace was not a good thing, especially for me. House was clean but cluttered. Now it is less cluttered and less clean. :-(
  • “Shift into 3rd gear. I drive the van all the time.” We live at the top of a very long hill. If I was driving the van with Karen, I'd hear that if I had not gotten around to downshifting soon enough to suit her. I seem to hear this one most days on the way to work, or just about any other time I go down the hill.
  • “See how gentle I am plugging this in.” When I was reviewing what Netbook computer to get I found Toshiba's where the best for us. One of the common complaints was that the charger jack wore out quickly. Karen's frugal nature did not want to spend money to replace it sometime in the future so she took extra care of it today. Now every time I go to charge the thing I hear Karen's voice…

I'm sure I'll be adding more here. :-(