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Most everything on the this site is about me, this one is all Hubbies. When we were dating my parents did not like him. They kept telling me he was lazy. We found out years later that his lack of energy was actually from Mercury Poisoning. I'll let him explain:

Mercury Poisoning

When I went to my very first dentist appointment when I was young (about four?) the dentists hurt me badly. I was terrified of going back. I did not take good care of my teeth, something that my Grandmother warned me I would pay for later in life. She was right.

My teeth got to a point where it was painful to eat soup let alone something hard by the time I reached my early 20's. So I went to a dentists who promptly filled me up with 'Silver' fillings. That a few years later I learned where actually Mercury Amalgams.

A few months after getting these new fillings, just enough time elapsed that I did not make the connection, I started to fell tired, cold all of the time no mater what the ambient temperature was. I once sat in a 200'F sauna and I was shivering. My record low was 92.6'F, at that temperature the only thing you do is shiver, you do not function. I also was having constant Brain Fog.

I went from doctor to doctor trying to find out what was wrong with me. A couple thought it might be Thyroid issues and did blood tests. According to their analysis of the blood tests I was healthy and was told there was nothing wrong with me. Dragging myself through the work day is all I could do. Then it was nap time before going to bed.

After more doctors my Aunt suggested I go see her Allergists. I did not think I had allergies to anything, however I was tired of being tired and had nothing to lose so I went. The Allergist recognized my symptoms when I walked in the door.

What I had is technically known as Wilsons Syndrome.

The error that all the other doctors were make is a frequent medical error that only T4 is checked. They look to see what the Thyroid is putting out and not how it is being utilized. The Thyroid makes T4 but the cells use T3. If T4 is not being converted to T3, T4 can read high.

What happens is that the Mercury binds to the receptor sites of the cells that convert T4 to T3 plugging up the works. The Thyroid is doing the Right Thing, alas the body can not use what is being made.

Very high levels of Mercury can show up in a hair analysis, however a Heavy Metal Chelation Challenge (DMSA) followed by a urine analysis will show Heavy Metals, such as Mecury and Gadolinium used in MRI's that do not show up in hair analysis.

You can not just go have all of the Mercury taken out of your mouth at once as you end up poisoning yourself even more and can do things like destroy your liver and kidneys.

It took me three years, a quadrant at a time, to get all of the fillings out by a dentists that knew what he was doing (A dentists not knowledgeable in Mercury removal will make you far worse), and do IV Chelation Therapy to slowly get it removed from the rest of my system, as Mercury is fat soluble. That is Mercury can hide in fatty tissues like the brain. When I picked up the four pills at the pharmacy and was told they bill was $235 dollars I asked the pharmacists if that was the most expensive thing he ever dispensed. He said no. Organ Rejection Medication was around $500 per pill at that time.

QuackWatch lists both CCR Lab and Wilsons Syndrome. From my personal experience I wonder whom the real quacks are?

CCR Lab does the “Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT)” which check to make sure the materials, such as filling and glues, the dentists is using will not cause further health problems. Replacing the Mercury with something that is worse healthy wise for an individual would be counterproductive to say the least.

“Oil Pulling” is a popular thing to see on Facebook to clear up dental infections and such. That could actually be pulling the Mercury into your system.

There are still doctors and dentists in this world that say Mercury in ones mouth is not a health issues, while some countries have band the use of Mercury in dentistry. When Mercury is removed from the mouth it must be treated as Toxic Waste. Do you really want to be a Toxic Waste dump?