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Meeting award wining movie producer Tina Petrova to film Karen's story

I spent Monday Sept. 26 2016 with Tina Petrova, award wining movie producer, filming Karen's story for the documentary movie “Pandemic of Denial ~ The World Health Crises” about Chronic Pain.

At one point even the cameraman was crying as I discussed CSF Leaks and how she was poisoned by Levaquan antibiotics.

The movie will be released in late 2017/2018 time frame.

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Fibromyalgia SLIders

Early tone morning I was listening to Coast to Coast AM when a caller, on Open Lines Friday, said that when he walked under street lights 75% of the time they turned off. This I've heard of many times, what I had not heard of before was what the host said, 'SLIders' in this context. The SLI stands for “Street Lamp Interference.” People that are SLIders report street lamps spontaneously going out when they pass near them.

It also piqued my interest when the guest host, Richard Syrett of Toronto, said it seemed to be associated with people that had Fibromyalgia or had been hit by or near a lightning strike.

SLIders tend to batteries and cause computers to malfunction when they are near them.

Is Fibromyalgia a problem with the bodies energy systems?

Then my intuition kicked in making me wonder if this SLIder energetic phenomenon could be mitigated with Inert Gas treatments?

Inert Gas in this context is ultra pure Inert Noble gas such as Xenon, Helium, Krypton, Argon etc. or their combination in a highly pressurized container, typically brass. [An aside: The ORIGINAL Periodic table had the Group Zero Gasses that were lighter than Hydrogen, may be important here?]

“Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore: A Treatise on the New Science” by Maurice B. Cooke, covers examples of how Inert Gas Devices healed people and is REQUIRED reading for anyone interested in Inert Gas Devices.

One case described in the book, while an Inert Gas device was laying near the bed healing the wife's condition, it also healed the husbands vasectomy leading to an unexpected pregnancy. Oops…

Long before Internet I talked with Jon Fox about the devices he makes, so I know they are the oldest manufacture of such devices:

The 'OMNI' is the brass device at nearly a thousand dollars. They do have less expensive necklaces. The question is which combination of gas would work for SLIders or even more importantly Fibromyalgia?

There are others around these days, with even more information on Inert Gas Devices.

Note that the purity of the gas is *IMPORTANT* here, stuff from the local industrial gas supply shop isn't going to work!

How do they work? No one is really sure. Experts that I've talked with in the field don't agree with the Quantum Screening Explanation put forth in the book.

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Researchers measured inflammatory markers in cerebrospinal fluid

“… researchers measured inflammatory markers in cerebrospinal fluid …”

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Karen was a Zipper Head

Karen was diagnosed with a “only a 3 mm” herniation. The official definition is 5mm to have Chiari. This diagnoses is what sent her down the path of CSF Leaks due to pseudo Chiari from low cerebral spinal fluid.

Karen ultimately took her own life to stop the pain. :-( She will be gone three years on August 7th. :-( Karen's Journal is now required reading at Duke School of Medicine to educate future Neurologists and other doctors about the reality of Chronic Pain and CSF Leaks.

“Karen's first-hand account of her illness gave an honest, heart-wrenching depiction of what it is like to live with debilitating pain day-to-day.” – Cover Story from the local news paper. with more details here:

While Karen never had Chiari surgery she did have surgery on her neck to remove dried blood pressing on nerves. So she was a Zipper Head. The doctor considered the surgery a complete success due to the removal of the dried blood. Karen considered the surgery a complete failure because it did not diminished her neck and head pain in any way.

In the photos below one from before her car accident and being poisoned by the antibiotic Levaquin, the other a few weeks from before her suicide and the last picture ever taken of her.

Look closely in this video, you see that she is wearing a TENS unit on the back of her neck.:

From Karen's Journal:

Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 2:20pm EDT * I 'pretend' that I am not hurting, when I am with others. It's hard. *

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Sugar is as Addictive as Cocaine How You Can Kick the Habit

Sugar is as Addictive as Cocaine - Here's How You Can Kick the Habit - By Christina Lavers

“Some of the largest companies are now using brain scans to study how we react neurologically to certain foods, especially to sugar. They’ve discovered that the brain lights up for sugar the same way it does for cocaine.” ~ Michael Moss, Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Sugar Addiction and the Brain

A growing body of research has demonstrated that sugar interferes with the brain’s reward processing centre in a similar way that narcotics and recreational drugs do, with sugar addicts suffering uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to limit their intake. In fact, one addiction study showed that 93% of animal subjects regularly chose sugar water over cocaine.

This emerging view of sugar as an addictive and dangerous substance has led researchers to investigate ways to help people curb their sugar intake in the hopes of reversing this destructive trend. Recently, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia looked at the possibility of using drugs commonly used to treat nicotine addiction as a means to assist people to improve their health by reducing their cravings for sugar. This study, published in by international research journal PLOS ONE, found that smoking cessation drugs could also be used to treat sugar addiction in animals, clearly highlighting the similarities between sugar- and narcotic-addiction in the brain.


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Fluoroquinolones Linked to Increase in Retinal Detachments

In the opening statements of the November 5th FDA meeting, where Karen's Journal was part of the evidence that day, the Chair said that 'Retinal Detachment would not be discussed today'. New paper just published about FQ's being linked to Retinal Detachment:

Paywall version of the actual report:

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The Mystery Headache Migraine, Positional Headache, Spinal Fluid Leak?

This would be great to show your family so that they understand why you have headaches:

“The Mystery Headache: Migraine, Positional Headache, Spinal Fluid Leak?”:

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Advances in Combat Casualty Care for the Wounded Warrior for Leaks

“When combining the properties of foam generation, two-part epoxy systems, and biomedical application, the result is expansive medical foam…” May be why you think this is relevant to Leaks. This already does exist in form used for spinal injuries, the problem is the uncontrolled expansion puts pressure on the spinal cord which can lead to significant problems.

It is actually the 'DPC Dressings and Hydrogel Scaffolds' that will lead to some useful Leak treatments due to the ability of the electrode potentials to direct the flow and placement.

“… Electrospinning a fiber is the mechanism by which a polymer-laden fluid can be electrically excited into depositing itself in an extremely thin stream down to a ground plate. Upon reaching the plate, the fiber’s solvent will have evaporated, and what is left is a woven fabric imbued with chemical structures within the fibers at the nano-scale. The surface-to-volume ratio on such fibers is absolutely unmatched anywhere in metallurgical or other material pursuits, allowing for highly unique effects on human tissue interaction. …”

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Fluoroquinolone antibiotics can have adverse effects on people that are dependant on Benzodiazapines :

Studies have found that Fluoroquinolone antibiotics can have adverse effects on people that are dependant on Benzodiazapines. Fluoroquinolones have been found to competitively displace benzodiazepines from benzodiazepine receptors which can precipitate acute withdrawal. A study confirmed that fluoroquinolone CNS toxicity can be serious, occuring more frequently in benzodiazepine dependent subjects and concluded that fluoroquinolone antibiotics should be contraindicated in patients who are dependent on or in benzodiazepine withdrawal. A person with an already compromised GABA system (for example, one going through benzodiazepine withdrawal) is likely to be at an even greater risk of severe adverse reactions.

It should be noted that not everyone who is withdrawing from a benzodiazepine would have problems with this class of antibiotic. …

After Life and Suicide Books

If interested in this subject at all these first two books MUST be read:

“Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing” by Anita Moorjani. From Hay House Publishing. ISBN-10: 1401937519, ISBN-13: 978-1401937515

I actually was inspired enough after reading this book that I flew to Denver last spring to meet her in person. I also got to hear Wayne Dyer speak at one of his last events before his death.

“The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death” by Annie Kagan, Raymond Moody. ISBN-10: 1571746943, ISBN-13: 978-1571746948

“Hello from Heaven: A New Field of Research-After-Death Communication Confirms That Life and Love Are Eternal” by Bill Guggenheim, Judy Guggenheim ISBN-10: 0553576348, ISBN-13: 978-0553576344

Collection of Short Stories from different people that have experienced this phenomena. Communication may be in several different forms such as smell, touch or dreams. It is not always voice.

“The Ghost of 29 Megacycles” by the late John G. Fuller. ISBN-10: 0451143051, ISBN-13: 978-0451143051 I'd read all of his books such as The Ghost of Flight 401 that was made in to a movie and Tornado Watch #211 that happened right here where I live.

I have autographed copy by Gorge Meek the subject of the book, along with a rare original audio tape. If anyone wants to hear the tape I can send a couple of MP3.

The current research has moved from EVP to ITC. The Rhine Education Center starts classes on this next week (Feb 2nd). Maybe I'll see you there?

“i'm still with you” by Carole J. Obley. ISBN-13: 978184694107.

I do hate it when they use 'i' rather than the proper 'I' in “I'm”…

I take my first class from Carole today in person in the real world…

“The Bridge over the River: After Death Communications of a Young Artist Who Died in World War One” by Joseph Wetzel. ISBN-10: 0910142599, ISBN-13: 978-0910142595

“Good Grief: Daily Meditations - A Book of Caring & Remembrance” by Susan L. Schoenbeck ISBN: 978-1466374973 Not really an AfterLife book, helpful to those that lost someone. As is:

“No Time to Say Goodbye: Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved” by Carla Fine. ISBN: 0385485514

“Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?” by by Jon Klimo and Pamela Rae Heath. ISBN-10: 1556436211, ISBN-13: 978-1556436215

Well researched history going back to the ~1850's to modern suicide bombers (they did not find what they were told they would find by those that manipulated them to checkout).

The book is channelled communications from those that checked out early.

The one thing they ALL say is checking out early was a mistake.

This is NOT a Warm and Fuzzy book to read if you lost someone to suicide as I did. There is no Judgement over there. You Judge yourself. Rest is hard to explain, better to just read the book. She does have other book on AfterLife I've not read them.

One may also want to study up on these:

Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner. I was scheduled to take a class from him in person, sadly my Mother-In-Law died instead so didn't make it.

“Power vs. Force (Revised Edition): The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior” by the late David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D. ISBN-10: 1401941699 ISBN-13: 978-1401941697

“Let Magic Happen” by Larry Burk is also a good read in this area. Larry has three different presences here on Facebook. He has been teaching me EFT and we hang out at the Rhine Research Center. Taken week long class from him and Winter Robinson in the spring on EFT and Symbolic Healing.

There is also the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) headquartered in Durham, NC. They share office space with The Rhine Research Center. They have a very large collection of AfterLife books in their private library. If you are a 'Ghost Hunter' they will just show you out the door…

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Is Regenexx a new breakthrough CSF Leak treatment or is it a scam?

Is Regenexx a new breakthrough treatment or is it a scam?

Note these are discussing two different models Regenexx-SPC and Regenexx-C. I do not know if that is significant.



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Evidence of a Christmas spirit network in the brain functional MRI study

Evidence of a Christmas spirit network in the brain: functional MRI study

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good pain free night…

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Audrey's story of her spinal CSF leak from a labor epidural gone wrong

This is Audrey's story of her spinal CSF leak from a labor epidural gone wrong.

Spinal CSF Leak – Audrey’s Story November 28, 2015

Can you imagine coming home to your husband and 5 year old son with your newborn son AND a severe headache when upright? Imagine trying to take care of your family when being upright results in excruciating head pain, nausea and other symptoms. This is Audrey’s story of her spinal CSF leak from a labor epidural gone wrong. Audrey explains in her video here:

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Ginkgo CADx is a free Open Source advanced DICOM viewer and dicomizer

Ginkgo CADx is a free Open Source advanced DICOM viewer and dicomizer (converts png, jpeg, bmp, pdf, tiff to DICOM).

DICOM is the image format used by radilogy equipment and is the format that is on the disks gotten of CT scans and such.

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Pets can be a repository for Strep Throat

If you have recurrent Strep Throat and you have dogs, cats or birds get them checked for Strep Throat.

Strep Throat is one of the diseases that is easily passed back and fourth between humans and dogs.

Pets can be a repository for Strep Throat. Happened to my mother. When our dog Susie departed for Rainbow Bridge, Mom did not get Strep any more.

Strep Throat is one of the diseases that is easily passed back and fourth between humans and dogs, cats and birds.

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Bird Brain? Pigeons Make Good Radiologists

Some areas don't have enough radiologists. Anyone think this is a good idea?:

“Pathologists and radiologists spend years acquiring and refining their medically essential visual skills, so it is of considerable interest to understand how this process actually unfolds and what image features and properties are critical for accurate diagnostic performance. Key insights into human behavioral tasks can often be obtained by using appropriate animal models. We report here that pigeons …”

“Overall, our results suggest that pigeons can be used as suitable surrogates for human observers in certain medical image perception studies, thus avoiding the need to recruit, pay, and retain clinicians as subjects for relatively mundane tasks…”

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Our Win at the FDA hearing on Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

The nearly unanimous conclusion of the FDA advisory panel states that the current labelling to support Fluoroquinolone antibiotics use for sinusitis, bronchitis and uUTI is NOT justified.

Eyes and Ears where not considered. In the opening remarks the FDA Chair said that detached retinas due to these drugs would not be considered today [Nov 5th 2015]. When will they? How many people think about how taking an antibiotic will make them go blind. :-( [ New paper just published about FQ's being linked to Retinal Detachment: Paywall version of the actual report: ]

Note: The advisory committee made its recommendations, but now that has be evaluated by the FDA itself do decide what to do. They could decide to do nothing at all (not likely due to all the press there), take it off the market (what I want but not likely), change the labels, or the last option is require the patient to sign off that they understand the devastating effects before taking any of these drugs; A Brief Overview of Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS).

This is a win for the people over Big Farma given the constraints of the day. is my Cleveland/Akron TV interview. 3,000 dead. 200,000 injured by these drugs per the FDA. That is estimated to be only one-percent of the real numbers!

“The panel voted overwhelmingly that the benefits and risks for the systemic fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs do not support the current labeled indications for the treatment of ABS (unanimous), ABECB-COPD (2 yes, 18 no, 1 abstention), or uncomplicated urinary tract infection (1 yes, 20 no). Fluoroquinolones currently approved for one or more of these illnesses are ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, moxifloxacin, ofloxacin, and gemifloxacin.” ~Troy Brown, RN

“Testimonies from patients who described the wide range of harmful side effects have spurred the FDA into action.” ~Alyssa Navarro

“Fluoroquinolone labels need much stronger warnings about the risks for serious adverse events, including tendinitis and tendon rupture, and peripheral neuropathy, the panel said. Fluoroquinolones currently approved for one or more of these illnesses are ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, ofloxacin, and gemifloxacin. In India, popular brands of fluoroquinolones include Ciplox, Ciprobid, Levoflox and Oflox.” ~Rupali Mukherjee

Acute Bacterial Sinusitis - Antibacterial Efficacy:

  • [FDA] reviewed 20 placebo controlled trials published in the medical literature (see bibliography in Appendix A). Fourteen studies did not show a statistically significant difference over placebo.

Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Bronchitis - Antibacterial Efficacy:

  • [FDA] reviewed 15 placebo controlled studies of ABECB COPD (see bibliography in Appendix A). Nine studies did not show a difference in clinical outcomes between patients who received placebo and patients who received an antibacterial drug. Six studies showed a statistically significant difference in favor of an antibacterial drug, although the studies enrolled patients with varying disease severity and used different outcome assessments…

Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection - Antibacterial Efficacy:

  • There is a clear and consistent treatment effect of antibacterial drug therapy for treatment of uUTI on the outcome assessment of microbiologic eradication. In studies that used a placebo control, there is a similar treatment effect using an outcome assessment based on symptom resolution. In a study that used ibuprofen as a control, there was no treatment difference on symptom resolution in comparison to an antibacterial drug.

Additionally, in the meeting brief and this 617 page PDF, the FDA identified a syndrome associated with fluoroquinolone toxicity—one that “floxies” have been pushing for recognition of for years. It is called Fluoroquinolone Associated Disability (FQAD). According to the FDA:

“While most of the individual AEs (adverse events) that exist within FQAD (fluoroquinolone associated disability) are currently described in fluoroquinolone labeling, the particular constellation of symptoms across organ systems is not. Individuals with FQAD were defined as U.S. patients who were reported to be previously healthy and prescribed an oral fluoroquinolone antibacterial drug for the treatment of uncomplicated sinusitis, bronchitis, or urinary tract infection (UTI). To qualify, individuals had to have AEs reported in two or more of the following body systems: peripheral nervous system, neuropsychiatric, musculoskeletal, senses, cardiovascular and skin. These body systems were chosen as they had been observed to be frequently involved with the fluoroquinolone reports describing disability. In addition, the AEs had to have been reported to last 30 days or longer after stopping the fluoroquinolone, and had to have a reported outcome of disability.”

See for a detailed summary.

The FDA has posted the videos of the November 5th 2015 Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics hearing.

The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) provided a live webcast of the November 5, 2015, joint meeting of the Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee.

A recording of the webcast can be found at the following address. The last two are the most interesting:

• Start of Meeting to Morning Break: [Introduction.]

• Morning Break to Lunch Break: [Big Farma fails to convince anyone.]

• Lunch Break to Afternoon Break: [Victims give their stories.]

• Afternoon Break to End of Meeting: [The panel vote.]

The webcast was broadcast using Adobe Connect. You can make sure your computer has the correct plug-ins to view the webcast at this web site:

If having problems viewing things, like the FDA Flash Video, on a phone try the Puffin Browser:

See for resources and links to the 150 TV News Videos.

Read it seven times

                              9 September 1985
                                Z-NEWS 302

WOW! again: Foot put into mouth! Suggesting (in Z-News 209, pg 2, first line) that everyone read material seven (7) times, without simultaneously giving full explanation of why, has been big stumbling block for many. So we deliver details to remove those (mental) blocks; remember, read through explanation (and everything else) seven times:

Readings 1 and 2. Skim material twice, quite rapidly. Use your finger to help your eyes play over words, lines, and paragraphs. Key words and phrases, ideas, and concepts begin to take from. You gain a feeling of the thought-flow, a framework making next step more powerful.

Reading 3. Read material now from beginning, much more slowly and care- fully. Pause to re-read and ponder new ideas and deep thoughts. Use dictionary for unfamiliar words.

Readings 4 and 5. Skim over material twice again, but not quite so rapidly as first two times. Let key concepts sink in even deeper. This is a more leisurely skim. Pause at any word looked up in dictionary and make sure you know both basic meaning of word, and its meaning in present context. Sometimes the thought expressed by a particular word or phrase is so new that it's difficult to grasp at once, even with dictionary help! Do not worry at this point. Future readings add clarity.

Reading 6. Now, read material from beginning again with extreme care. Now is the time to really pause, to ponder, to digest, to impress deeply. Try to obtain essential, inner feeling of messages, even though you may not under- stand them fully or grasp completely at this stage. Try at this point to read material aloud!

Reading 7. It's a slow skim. Somewhere between your leisurely skim and your first careful reading, #3. It is time to enjoy, to bathe yourself in new insights and viewpoints opening up to you…new understanding comes (in next octave)!

There you have it–we do our best to explain. Never think that learning something new, really new, comes quickly or easily. GREAT EFFORT IS INVOLVED! But keep reading even if you think you don't understand–what comes later (down the lines) explains what came before, following natural back-and-fill (smoothing) concept.

Z-News 302 is Copyright 1985 Echelon, Inc. [Now out of business.] All Rights Reserved. Permission to reprint, wholly or partially, automatically granted if source credit is given to Echelon.

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Upcoming FDA hearing on Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

This Thursday November 5th the FDA is having a hearing about Levaquin, Cipro etc. (Fluoroquinolone antibiotics) . Do you have mysteries health problems that no one can explain? It might be FQAD, a new term just released by the FDA. Karen's book has been entered into evidence for the FDA hearing about FQAD coming up this week.

The FDA has given the name Fluorquinolone Associated Disability to the devastating effects these drugs had on Karen and MANY (Tends of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?) others.

While there is currently no medical evidence, I do believe these antibiotics are attacking the Dura which prevented any of the treatments for the CSF Leaks from working.

The book will be available to those at the hearing in an electronic 'Desktop' outside the meeting room. It is unclear if this can be accessed from right now.

A version of the book was created for the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation. If you buy this version of the book 100% of the royalties go to the Foundation.

The Foundations gets a significant higher royalty when bought direct from the publisher here: as there is no large cut taken by Amazon

If you must order the Book from Amazon do it here:

or want the Kindle Version here:

The book was last updated on October 19th, 2015 to add information about the FDA hearing and Garth joining Karen at Rainbow Bridge.

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What it is like to be left behind from a suicide

Checking out early is a bad idea, let me tell you that it will REALLY suck for those you leave behind.

You never know what innocent object or comment will set off a round of crying. Today it was a FB meme about planting a tree based on a Greek Parable.

Perhaps seeing the Lint Roller in the bathroom will do it. Karen would squat on the floor (hurt to much to set) and do “Dryer Time” with the dogs. While she delinted the clothes she used the time to train the dogs for “down stays”.

I gave Karen a CamCorder when we got married in 1993 for a wedding present (CamCorders were very rare in those days). She was always filming family events. There are 23 two hour tapes. I never wanted to watch these, simply hurts to much. Alas I've force myself to watch the time frame when the Fluoroqunilone Antibiotics in the hopes of finding a video of her on her 'skate board' (for moving furniture) with her carpet layer knee-pads on from when she could not walk for a YEAR due to these drugs. Sadly no such thing exists. I was hoping to find that for the FDA hearing coming up this Thursday Nov. 5th in DC. Karen's book has been entered as evidence and will be available to all that attend the hearing. It is unclear if that information will be available on that day.

Her nephew hated having his picture taken the most. He is the one person that asked to watch her tapes. I'll be giving them all to him at Thanksgiving along with the CamCorder itself.

On the very last tape, the one that was still in the CamCorder, her mother said something about being 138 years old. Karen said “I won't live that long” in response. :-(

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