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   * {{ :​pwmovie:​proof_d012418_postcard_painwarriors_4x6.pdf |Postcard Ready for printing [PDF]}}.   * {{ :​pwmovie:​proof_d012418_postcard_painwarriors_4x6.pdf |Postcard Ready for printing [PDF]}}.
-Hubby is still working ​on this section+ 
-Ever try to motivate ​husband?+---- 
 +=== Testimonials === 
 +I'm starting to hear back from those very few people that took me up on the offer to watch the new documentary Pain Warriors, of which Karen'​s story is a part. I'm hoping Pain Warriors will raise awareness of the issues of Chronic Pain and CSF Leaks
 +I just watched the documentary. It’s powerful, and brought me to tears several times, not only you telling of Karen’s suicide but the boy and his sister, Hunter and Willow. It’s humbling, what people get through, or don’t get through. 
 +As an asthmatic, I have had lifetime of a repetitive -- but far from continuous, and not always particularly painful – condition. I do know how even the sheer persistence of the condition can wear you down; not just the condition but the persistence of the condition, making normal life difficult or impossible. 
 +People who haven’t experienced it, themselves or second-hand,​ really don’t know how to understand it. For people who take normal health for granted, it may require a great effort of the imagination. This film may help some of them make that effort. Let’s hope so. 
 +Thanks for letting me see it." 
 +"Dear Bob, 
 +I just watched the entire film and found it very moving, very effective, and well-done as far as my knowledge of films go.  It was so engrossing, at times brought tears and I think really educated the average person like me who, had I not known your story earlier, would not have been anywhere near understanding this problem. ​ I do have a relative who has spoken of chronic pain and probably didn’t give her enough full awareness as I would know from this film). ​ Thank you so much for sharing it with me.  I really think this should be part of a world premier festival. ​ There wasn’t time to mention that your having shared your knowledge with medical people to help inform medical folks more and hope to keep informed of how that goes at..."
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 Bottom Left:    Yanekah \\ Bottom Left:    Yanekah \\
 Bottom right: ​  Bob Paddock \\ Bottom right: ​  Bob Paddock \\
 +Hubby is still working on this section.
 +Ever try to motivate a husband?