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 ====== When Pain is Relentless ====== ====== When Pain is Relentless ======
-Andrea J. BuchananAKA Andi, interviewed me for Migraine Awareness month and suicide survivor day, the 25th of June, for the [[http://​spinalcsfleak.org|Spinal CSF Leak Foundation]]:+To understand how we got to this pointplease read: //[[https://​spinalcsfleak.org/​when-pain-is-relentless/​|When Pain is Relentless by Andrea J. Buchanan]]//.
-//[[http://​spinalcsfleak.org/​when-pain-is-relentless|When Pain is Relentless]]//​+I can't make it through it without crying. ​:-(
-{{tag>​Spinal ​CSF Leak Foundation, Andi Buchanan}}+{{tag>Chronic Pain, Suicide, Lost Love, Spinal Leak Foundation}}